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Will We Fight With AI Over Our Jobs?

The future seems bright though we tend to make it about as dark as possible, with predictions of extinction level events, not to mention how many things will go wrong if we do this or that.

Climate change is a problem at the moment and the world is covering their ears and shouting la. However, some things are made out to be much more complex than they actually are. AI technology is looking like the next great scare, particularly if we look at all the science fiction movies dealing with them.

One of the questions that arises is whether AI will replace people as more get developed. Will we have to fight for our jobs with AI? Probably not, but not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

AI is Good for Us

AI technology really helps us evolve in ways that would otherwise take much longer. AI can handle tons of data and crunch it much faster than the human mind would be able to. When taught properly, AI can extrapolate information out of all the numbers, faster than a human would, or an entire team of humans. 

With all that development, AI will be able to help take over some research positions, in the sense that it would help advance science further and allow scientists to focus on other matters. There is a lot to do on our planet, in various scientific branches.

AI Boosts Almost Everything

From search engines to cars, AI is able to boost and help with a plethora of tasks. Self-driving cars are impressive and are bound to become even better as the technology matures and the science becomes better. 

Search engines operate using AI and have for a while. Prediction algorithms become better and you get results faster, or rather, you get better results. AI can be used in many industries to make them better, faster and more efficient.

It Comes at a Price

The price of installing and maintaining an AI and teaching it is not cheap. The running costs are also high. There need to be specialists who will work with the AI to make sure that things are going according to plan. AI costs money, initially and afterwards. 

Computing power is not cheap, both in terms of the components and the electricity, and the heat. The price that is paid is large, even more so if the AI is used for selfish profit which does not contribute to the overall betterment of the world.

AI Will Replace Some Jobs

When it comes to it, AI will be able to replace some jobs which require precision and repetition, jobs that are better suited for a machine. However, that also means building extensions for that AI to work with, such as whatever machinery is necessary for it to function.

Some jobs will be made obsolete when the technology to implement AI becomes mainstream and really cheap. That is many decades away, at least.

Fighting over jobs with AI will not happen, at least not in the coming years, decades even.