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Examples of How Companies Use AI

As technological advancements keep on surprising us, there are some companies that already use advanced technology to make our experience in the virtual world unforgettable. No matter if people are browsing the Internet for the next TV show, or reading news about their favorite soccer team, they are creating different habits in the virtual space that certain technologies are able to recognize and then upgrade their experience the next time they go online. And we call those technologies AI or artificial intelligence. 

Huge companies use AI in different ways, and in this article, we’ll see how. 


One way in which Facebook uses AI is to interpret the content as well as the emotional sentiment that comes from all the posts made by their users. What is even more interesting is that this deep learning technology understands several different languages. Facebook’s artificial intelligence will recognize if you are in a photo that is shared on their platform. So for example, if your friends want to post a photo and you are in it, this AI will automatically suggest that you should be tagged on the photo. According to Facebook, their AI is better at recognizing faces than humans are. 


Amazon is one of the leaders when it comes to selling products online. And they use a special AI to help you find exactly what you are looking for. The artificial intelligence that Amazon uses is so advanced that it will ship your items even before you buy them. The purpose of this AI is to make the ultimate shopping experience, where people don’t spend hours looking for the item they need. Their AI automatically suggests everything that you might like based on your previous purchases. Additionally, this company uses AI in their convenience stores Amazon GO. One of the main features of these stores is that there is no check-out. All you need to do is visit the store, take whatever you need, and the AI will make sure that you are charged with everything that you have taken from the shelves. 


IBM has been one of the first companies to show interest in artificial intelligence. Almost two decades ago they made an AI that was the first one ever to win a chess competition. Later, IBM’s AI also managed to win in Jeopardy. Their latest artificial intelligence project is a cognitive computing engine that is able to get in a verbal debate with humans. 


Alphabet is a tech giant that is said to use AI technology in building the world’s safest cars. And one way to make this happen is to make cars work without a driver. By using AI technology, Alphabet is already testing these cars around California, and it is said that these cars will drastically reduce the number of road accidents. The car’s only task would be to take you safely to your destination while you read the news, listen to podcasts, or complete other tasks.