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Should Everyone Learn to Code?

One of the professions that are nowadays needed in almost any type of business is coding. Whether you are making in-house software, mobile apps, video games, or simply a website you need someone who knows how to code. However, this doesn’t mean that there are not enough programmers out there. A lot of businesses simply outsource these tasks, which indicates that a single person is handling multiple jobs for more companies. So, with that in mind, let’s see whether it makes sense for everyone to learn how to code. 

It’s a Competitive Advantage  

Since this is one of the essential jobs, knowing how to code can help you get hired even if you are applying for different positions. Sooner or later the company will need someone who can help with tech, and having a reliable in-house solution is definitely something they want. However, this can create or lead to weird situations in the future. For example, it can lead to coding becoming one of the essential requirements, so people are likely to lie on their resumes about it. After all, if there are at least 10 other employees that know how to code, chances are no one will single you out to help out with these tasks.

It Can Lead to Oversaturation of the Market  

There are certain developer jobs that are not too difficult to outsource, as a lot of people know how to do them. Meaning, these jobs now pay less because there are more providers trying to compete. This is a good thing but if everyone starts to learn to code, then other professions might suffer due to lack of interest, and all we have is just a cheap labor force all over the world. 

Does Everyone Love to Code? 

If you are trying to learn this by force, and not because it’s a career path you want to pursue then you are doing yourself a disservice. It will be more difficult for you to master this field and there will be more competent developers out there. Instead of learning what you love and becoming the best you possibly can, you are investing time into something you don’t like and that won’t necessarily help you put food on the table.

If you want to be a developer then go for it.

Coding Is a Board Term

Finally, saying you know how to code is way too general. There are lots of program languages and some are more relevant than others. If you wish to learn one just for the sake of it, then it’s not a good decision, because it might become irrelevant and you just have to start over. Most modern developers have 5-8 specialties when it comes to these languages, and they focus on either apps, game engines, front-end, or back-end. Someone who is in the tech business knows this and they know the difference between WordPress developers and Nod.js developers. So, don’t learn to code if you don’t wish to excel in this field and be an eternal student.