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5 New Jobs That Didn’t Exist Two Decades Ago

The world has drastically changed over the past 20 years, even if on the surface it doesn’t look like it is. One big change was a shift to the digital sphere sort of speaking. Basically, the internet became a thing that we can’t live without, and now there are tons of new jobs that emerged as the technology was designed around this online environment. 

If you think about it we did not have things like  1XBET促销代码 or bonus codes for online casinos, as well as many other digital goods. So, let’s see what are some of these new jobs that are popular today and did not exist 20 years ago. 

Social Media Account Manager

Well, back then social media was still in its early stages, and businesses didn’t advertise there so, there was no need for such a position. As more and more people began to open social media accounts, companies realized it was a necessity to have a better online presence. It is also a good way to stay in touch with your user base, so there needs to be a person or a team who is in charge of updating the profile, posting new stuff, and maintaining communication with customers. 

eSports Coach

There were gaming competitions back in the 2000s but they were never as big as they are today. The rewards were minor and players were self-taught, but with the advent of streaming platforms and information sharing everyone managed to become better at gaming by learning from pros. It’s way more difficult to beat someone who is an amateur or a rookie today compared to 20 years ago. Meaning pros are even more formidable, and since it’s a very profitable career path, eSports coaches just make sense.  

SEO Specialist

We also didn’t rely on search engines too much, but now having a website that ranks high and has authority is of great importance. Keyword spamming is also not a thing anymore, so SEO campaigns are a lot more difficult to pull off.  

Big Data Analyst 

Our means to gather a massive amount of data has significantly improved, but such large samples cannot be analyzed through traditional means. Big Data is used in almost any major field, like medicine, e-commerce, international trade, etc. Creating algorithms and isolating patterns is extremely difficult, which is why a Big Data analyst is one of the most profitable jobs in today’s world.

Blockchain Analyst  

Finally, we have cryptocurrencies and blockchain. A technology that promised to revolutionize the world, but it’s really a big community of people who are trying to get rich or at least make a living out of trading. The technology itself is an amazing concept, and it does have great applications. The only flaw is energy consumption, but even that can be solved eventually. Of course, this is more of a 2010s’ thing so it’s still relatively young, but if anything people are taking it more seriously. Today, we even have blockchain analysts, a person who is there to examine the effectiveness of ledgers used for transactions. 


There are lots of other jobs, the list here only scratches the surface. Luckily, this only shows that there are more opportunities on the international market, which also results in more freelancers.