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What is Computer Science Exactly?

Learning is one of the only things that we should strive to do on a daily basis. Whether we learn a new word or a new way to exercise, or even a new way to approach thinking about a situation, learning is important.

There are various branches of science that people all over the world practice and study, in order to get better and to help push the world forward. 

Of the many sciences, perhaps one of the most important ones would be computer science. But, what is computer science, exactly? Let us take a closer look.

Computer Science in a Nutshell

Computer science is an academic field of study which focuses on computation, information and automation. Computer science has theoretical and practical disciplines, such as information theory and the theory of computation, while on the practical side, hardware and software engineering come to mind.

The first and most essential part of computer science is an algorithm. Most if not all of computation is based on algorithms, which is why every student learns about them. Computer science is about figuring out how computers work, or rather, how to make computers better, understanding them in their essence.

Why is Computer Science Important?

Computer science powers most of what happens in our world, or rather, what will happen, the innovations and the technology that is to come. We use computers on a daily basis, whether laptops or desktops, not to mention smartphones. All of these things are computers, which is why computer science is so important.

Computer science focuses on learning everything that it can about computations, the basics of how computers work. It also focuses on the things that are yet unknown, which eventually lead to new innovations, often strides rather than steps.

Should You Learn Computer Science?

Computer science isn’t for everyone. To understand computer science, one should be able to understand mathematics. Just like a musician wouldn’t be a better one if they knew how to read notes or knew music theory, they would have more tools to work with, so would a computer scientist benefit from mathematics.

Understanding and using mathematics is an essential tool which would make computer science easier to deal with. If you like knowing and figuring out how computers work and how you could help advance technology, then computer science is the right field of study for you.

A Very Broad Topic

One must understand that computer science encompasses so many smaller fields of study, or rather, narrower ones. By choosing to study computer science, one could specialize in any number of fields that could be related to another field of study, such as neuroscience, biology, linguistics and so on and so forth.

Computer science is a pathway to the future, a very interesting field of study.