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Organizations That Fight for Your Computer Science Education

Sometimes, people live in remote areas or are facing discrimination in their community. Other times, it is simply a matter of economic factors that put them at a disadvantage in terms of learning about certain subjects – namely, computer science. Education is one of the basic human rights, and here are a few organizations that fight for your right to get educated in this thriving industry.


The Computer Science Teaching Association, or CSTA, does exactly what its name says – it promotes teaching computer science. It is mainly focused on providing the relevant info and materials to teachers who want to teach their students about computer science. One of their top priorities is inclusivity, meaning that marginalized groups and individuals can reach out in hopes of improving their education and getting proper job training in this area.


Founded in 1978, the Association for Women in Computing is an organization that offers training and professional progress for women. Sometimes, tech positions are seen as a boy’s club. This organization is here to dispel that notion and enable the advancement of women that are qualified to work in computer science. So, women who are interested in the subject, but are afraid that they are not good enough, or that the game is rigged, should consider reaching out to them.


Here is another organization that believes in equal opportunity for all. They not only promote computer science but also actively work on its inclusion in schools’ curriculums. In order to make/keep the student interested, they have several interactive, fun, and game-like courses, making the subject matter appealing and approachable. They also partner up with similar organizations in order to reach out to a wider audience.

Girls Who Code

In one of my previous posts, I very briefly mentioned Girls Who Code as an organization that promotes the advancement of women in tech workplaces. Their mission, as their website says, is to close the gender gap in technology. Students, educators, and members of other organizations reach out to each other in order to connect into a strong network of women who will not back down from getting a good education and job in computing if they know they deserve it. You go, Girls Who Code!

Association for Computer Machinery

There are organizations that keep their secrets. There are those that don’t care about anything other than their own agenda. ACM is neither of those. In truth, ACM is actively trying to improve the industry by bringing together students, educators, experts, innovators, and other people in an effort to make computer science available in education, and as a viable career option to as many people as possible. It is slowly turning into a global organization, and the number of members just keeps growing.


The Computing Research Association was founded in 1972. It now includes over 200 organizations and institution. Its mission? They connect with everyone, even the government, to make the industry stronger, and provide the people that possess talent with the opportunity to prove themselves.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty more of organizations that promote computer science. If you possess a talent, or are just interested in the subjects, you can reach out to a number of these associations, many of which are connected to each other anyway, and see how you can improve your computer science experience and career path.