;#; <fs 1.5em>ACM-SIGIR 2010 was held at UniMail, Geneva, Switzerland
between 19th and 23rd of July 2010.

Thanks to all the participants!!!</fs>

<fs 1.5em>The story continues with ACM-SIGIR 2011. We wish them full success…</fs>

Slides from our keynotes are now available from the keynote page ;#;

;#; Geneva fountain

<fs 1.5em>33rd Annual ACM SIGIR Conference

19-23 July 2010, Geneva, Switzerland</fs>

Cochairs: Stephane Marchand-Maillet, Geneva, CH - Fabio Crestani, Lugano, CH

Contact: Viper group (Computer Science Dept - CUI) -


;#; University of Geneva University of Lugano ;#;

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