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5 Apps That Use AI – AI Powered Applications

We are used to applications and programs that get our daily attention. From music apps, social media, to even sports betting apps, we spend a lot of time with our phones and applications. Some people are more music-oriented, while others prefer sports and using promo codes such as the NetBet Bonus Code in order to have more fun in their free time.

In the smartphone world, two words have been used so much that most presenters, review channels and even officials have become fed up with them, artificial intelligence. 

AI is everywhere, it seems, and we can’t get enough of it. It is even the backbone of some applications. Here are the most popular applications that use AI.

Google Search Engine (Any App That Uses Google Search)

Basically, the entirety of Google’s search engine is powered by an AI. It reads the data, learns and tries to give out the best results. Sometimes, the results that you need are on the first page, particularly if you don’t type the world’s most popular keywords, or rather, the ones that are paid for.

Just adding another word or using quotation marks can get you a more precise result, which will also help the AI learn faster. It is a symbiotic relationship, and one that we participate in daily.


How about learning? Yes, apps can be used for learning, particularly when they are powered by an AI. In this case, Socratic uses Google AI, which explains why the application works so well, at least part of the reason. 

The other part is the very implementation and the way you see the results of your query. Whether poetry, drama or mathematics, you can take a picture and you will get relevant results on how to analyze poetry, get information about arts topics, as well as how to solve equations. It is slowly being implemented in schools and tech-savvy students are using it for their own benefit.

Google Docs/Translate/Grammarly

These applications do different things but are powered by a similar technology. AI works behind the scenes to help you find the best possible translation in the case of Google Translate. Grammarly and Docs check your text for mistakes, but not only grammatical mistakes, but also semantic ones. The tone of your text is as important as the grammar. Consider the results that you see, as they might help you become a better writer and translator.


You might not know it, but all of Facebook’s apps like Facebook, Messenger and even Instagram, are using AI technology to make them better. Firstly, you get more relevant ads, which is to be expected. Secondly, there are plenty of filters and cool things which you can do to edit your videos and spice them up to make them more appealing, interesting and artistic. There are more things planned, but it is safe to say that Facebook has a large AI research team.


This one should be well-known by the general public. It is a face editing application which can change your photos, but also how you look and what you might look like in twenty or so years, or even fifty. There is an AI behind all this, naturally, so every time you get an old version of yourself, an AI is involved.

These are some of the applications which we use that have AI technology backing them.